26. Januar 2020

London ─ Impressions twenty-four-seven

Why London left a lasting impression • architecture, accumulated over millenia • where old meets new, in one place • why it is worthwhile to look at the same place at different times • where old meets new.

In my previous post, I had mentioned how I found my way to the outdoors and green spaces in London. This time, I am going full circle and describe a bit why urban London itself (here I am referring to London minus the outdoors and minus the green spaces) left a lasting impression on me.

I love the incredible atmosphere that light can be create, whether it is artificial light or natural light. The atmosphere can also change quickly; through a change in weather, through change between dawn, day, dusk, and night, or simply a change in place or perspective. This makes great opportunities for enjoying time, and of course also for pictures in the attempt to capture some of the atmosphere.

So what did I enjoy so much over the past five years in London? What contributed to the atmosphere that light created? Water is certainly an element; the Thames, or one of the many canals. The sky with its changeable weather. The contrasts between day and night, where places that are usually busy become tranquil and deserted. The mix of architecture where old meets new; often done in a very agreeable fashion in London. I find it hard to describe, so instead of going on, I will share some of the pictures and with them hopefully some of the atmosphere…