577 days ago

London ─ Towards British Citizenship

The fifth post on my “London ─ Living through history” series • touching modern British history • about Brexit • on gaining British Citizenship • let us maintain, build, and rebuild bridges.

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611 days ago

London ─ Impressions twenty-four-seven

Why London left a lasting impression • architecture, accumulated over millenia • where old meets new, in one place • why it is worthwhile to look at the same place at different times • where old meets new.

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636 days ago

London ─ Path to the outdoors

How to find the outdoors while living in London • London has surprisingly many green spaces • thanks to Paul New, Cliff King, Rachel Dench • thanks to the London Social Runners • on England’s history of volunteering • you cannot avoid the air pollution • you often have to stay on public footpaths • historic sightseeing in run-by mode.

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640 days ago

London ─ As far as the eye can see

London is large enough to accommodate the population of Switzerland • speed flatmating is not for me • receiving solace from Thomas Edison • London is more than what you can see on the tube map • Nappy Valley • between the Commons • some fences are pointless • houses, as far as the eye can see.

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676 days ago

London ─ Living through History

I moved to London from Stockholm at the beginning of April 2014. I left university life behind and moved on. Back then I had no idea how long I would live in London. And even less of an idea, what changes there were in store for me. I am now soon leaving London─although only time wil tell for how long. It seems only appropriate to add some closing thoughts on this chapter.

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684 days ago

UK taxes for dummies, a visual approach

In the UK, I was recently asked by someone how much money would remain from their income after taxes. While I could give a pretty good estimate, I discovered I had actually no idea how the net income is actually computed. None of the documentation I found was easy to understand. However, I can read maths. And I can look at pictures. So here’s a visual approach to a net income calculator for the UK, for dummies like me.

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702 days ago

Walnut bread: I'll be back

A second, brief post on my quest for becoming independent from commercially sold bread. Where I got tips for free (and then dutifully paid for merchandise), and where to get all the flour you cannot find in your UK supermarket.

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751 days ago

Baking bread took me seven years to learn

But not for the reasons that you would imagine. I just failed to realize bread making is neither time consuming, nor particularly difficult. For those who are not satisfied with the bread available to purchase, and those who don’t want to wait seven years to find a solution, let me write this down…

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821 days ago

Forecasting Ozone levels in London

How high will be ozone levels in London next year? I have looked into the London Average Air Quality dataset in order to see patterns and to produce crude estimates. Here is what I learnt about ozone and discovered about roadside and backgroudn ozone levels in London.

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1644 days ago

Three Years in the United Kingdom: Need Candles in the Dark

Exactly three years after my arrival in London, the UK Government has triggered article 50. The Brexit drama continues, with decision-making in the dark being a defining part of the play. It is time for a few personal reflections from a “first-row seat”.

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1723 days ago

Utility theory and pedestrian behaviour in London

A not-so-serious attempt at explaining pedestrian behaviour in London using utility theory. Ever wondered why certain pedestrians jump so readily in front of passing lorries? Ever wonder why some are keen to collide with approaching cyclists? Sorry, I don’t have the answer, either. But I am still curious. And in a mood to rant. Just a little bit.

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1918 days ago

Without Captain, Course, Destination: Sailing Away

Several months ago, I concluded a post about the EU referendum with “Sail away. A thought abroad”. I am thoroughly disappointed that the UK actually did. Or half of it? The ship has left the harbour, without captain, without course, without destination, and most disturbingly with a deeply divided crew.

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1963 days ago

Welcome to Scotland, Revisited

Back from an extraordinary hiking trip to Scotland. Soaring temperatures, not a single drop of rain, few midges, outstanding panoramas were just some of the highlights of my second multi-day hiking adventure into the West Highlands.

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2013 days ago

Air Pollution – Green, Yellow, Red: Toying with CleanSpace

Got the CleanSpace tag delivered. It is a RF-powered, portable device measuring carbon monoxide concentration. I spent a few days playing with it, and sharing my first impression here. Ultimately, I want to know whether the data can help foster change to the better.

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2131 days ago

Europe – Story of a Migrant

No, this is not a story about a refugee even though certainly many could be written. Instead, it is a story about a migrant within the European Union. A story that should make UK citizens think twice. A story against reactionary and nationalistic tendencies.

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2325 days ago

50 km of Wales in a Day: Big Black Mountains Challenge 2015

Panoramic views on a scenic route through the Black Mountains in Wales. This challenge, organized by the Longtown Mountain Rescue Team, was worth every step that was needed to complete the 50 km hike. We arrived tired, but happy before sunset.

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2360 days ago

Cycling in London

On the topic of cycling in London: much has been written, and more will be written. That is because it is a complicated matter. This is a brief and incomplete view on the upsides, the downsides, and the quirky aspects of cycling in London.

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2382 days ago

Cardboard cut-out: a solution for the sliding piano pedal problem

The pedal of the electric piano in my room keeps sliding and slipping away under my foot. A well-known issue. Placing the piano on a large piece of cardboard fixed this: a cut-out of the right size is now keeping the pedal in place.

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2590 days ago

Saatchi Gallery: What is this made of?

A friend recently showed me this place. I am posting no more than this: have a look at Saatchi Gallery in London and find out. Guess first what it is. Find out later.

2593 days ago

Lightshow in London

The deserted City of London on Saturday. Almost empty. Brilliant colors and stark contrasts on a unique day of sunshine and rainfall – a few pictures.

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2599 days ago

Scotland, Let the Sky Fall

A recount of a hiking trip into the wilderness of Scotland: on ex-hurricanes and their effects, suicidal drivers, famous spots from the literature and the movies, a town nicknamed Lang Toon and on the festival time in Edinburgh.

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2618 days ago

Bouldering the Vauxwall in Vauxhall

Finally gotten around to check out Vauxwall, a newly opened bouldering centre in London. We were pleasantly surprised by finding nice bouldering areas in a few railway arches near Vauxhall. Even better, we had the place basically for us – no one else there, what a luxury.

2667 days ago

No umbrella needed: Riverside impressions of London

Impressions from a riverside walk with a friend. This is “proof” for all my friends who had expressed doubt on the weather in London before I left to live there. Besides, I don’t even have an umbrella.

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2713 days ago

No cars for students in Cambridge

Cambridge is a bicycle-friendly city. And as I have learned recently, students at Cambridge University are usually not allowed to keep and use cars.

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