21. Juli 2013

Munich-Zurich by Bus includes a Ferry Ride

Interesting weekend trip from Munich to Zurich. Hitchhiked with a bus. And got an unexpected ferry ride over Lake Constance.

Recently, I tested the rather recent bus company MeinFernbus on the route from Munich to Zurich. The buses leave from Munich’s central bus station (Munich ZOB). In order to get there, I had planned to take the subway. However, it happened that I passed a bus from the same company while walking towards the subway station. What a coincidence! The friendly driver gave me a lift to Munich ZOB, thereby providing extra comfort and saving me from having to buy a ticket for the subway. First time hitchhiking with a bus.

On the regular journey, I found out that the bus went from Munich via Friedrichshafen and Konstanz to its final destination Zurich. The best way to get from Friedrichshafen to Konstanz is by taking the ferry from Meersburg. Which is really nice because all bus passengers got a break of around quarter of an hour while passing the beautiful Lake Constanze on the car ferry. The ferry ride across Lake Constanze of course reminded me of a former train trip that included a ferry ride over the Fehmarnbelt.