18. Oktober 2015

San Francisco Sunday Swing: Lindy in the Park

What a friendly welcome of the local Swing dancing community in San Francisco! I’m saying thank you and recommend the following to my fellows in London – should you ever visit San Francisco, then Lindy in the Park is a place to go to.

Taking advantage of various public transport options in San Francisco – from Caltrain to BART and Muni bus – I made my way to the Golden Gate Park on a sunny Sunday (pun intended). The John F. Kennedy Drive (not the one from Back To The Future), which cuts right through the park, was closed for traffic. My destination was Lindy in the Park, a swing dancing venue on Sundays.

The first surprise was that I recognized one of the organizers and teachers at the venue. I remembered him from this YouTube video I had watched a few months ago. Well, nice to say hello and thank you to Ken for real.

A dry and windy day, the weather could not have been any better. A footbridge along JFK Drive served as the dancing venue. It took a while for me to get used to tarmac. Also, it turned out that the music and style was quite a bit different than I was used to from London. Clearly, and I am certainly not the first to notice, swing dancing comes in very many flavours around the world.

Here, I want to say a big thank you to all the friendly & welcoming folks I have met and who invited me to get some lunch together (big healthy salad). And thanks to the folks who put me and the few other visitors into a jam circle – forcing me to improvise heavily on the spot … well, well. Good fun. This is the place to go on a Sunday in San Francisco.