7. Dezember 2013

Among the Clouds – Roys Peak

Just when reaching the summit, a gap in the clouds allowed for a stunning view from Roys Peak in New Zealand: blue lakes, green vegetation, snowy mountains. A report from a moderate hike with an above-the-average return.

Mount Roy is a 1,578 m tall mountain at Lake Wanaka in Otago, New Zealand. The lake and hence the base of the mountain is at 300 m above sea level. The starting point of the trail is a parking lot that can be reached from Wanaka in around one hour of walking along the lake. Watch out for a sign that indicates when to leave the lakeside and walk the last meters on Mount Aspiring Road until reaching the parking lot. The trail zigzags up Roys Peak with a moderate slope, never really being exposed. Hikers are under constant surveillance of sheep. The latter graze on the mountainside most of the way up. The summit is decorated by an antenna instead of a summit cross. As long as Roys Peak is not shrouded in clouds, the view ranges over Wanaka, Lake Wanaka, and Mount Alta.