27. Juli 2013

Hirschberg: Bike and Hike

Roundtrip: Tegernsee – Kreuth – Hirschberg – Bad Wiessee – Tegernsee. This mountainbike trip was different from previous ones. With the weather conditions permitting, we planned our route just in time. The roundtrip went astonishingly well.

The full track can be seen on Google Maps. We started at the train station in Tegernsee and cycled southwards to Kreuth along the small river Weißach. In Kreuth, we had to push our bikes up a steep path. Fortunately, after gaining 200-300 meters of altitude, we hit a gravel road where cycling became possible. At a certain point, we changed from biking mode into hiking mode, left our bikes locked and unattended and covered the last 200 meters of altitude by foot. Call it bike & hike. After returning from the summit and changing into biking gears again, we coasted the whole way down to Bad Wiessee on gravel and concrete and returned to Tegernsee where we took a break at the famous Biergarten before moving on to the train station.

The trip offered mostly mountainbike-friendly slopes except for the first part from Kreuth, a lesser used hiking trail up Hirschberg, and a gentle downward slope. The latter might be boring for downhillers, but is perfect for everyone else.