27. Mai 2011

Team Black Sheep presents amazing stunts with first-person-view RC plane

Being suprised by a low-flying unidentified objects? Maybe it was just a remote-controlled airplane by Team Black Sheep, who were giving a talk at TNG Big Techday in Munich on 2011-05-27.

Their unmanned flight vehicles range over 80km and set new (unofficial) records. Its pilots wear geeky virtual reality goggles, which are fed by a camera mounted on top of the airplane. This permits them to control the plane in first-person-view. Amazing stunts have been performed by Raphael “Trappy” from Team Black Sheep, who also presented the must-watch video “MATTERHORN PROXIMITY“, where one flight vehicle goes on an amazing adventure up and down the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Don’t miss it.

Sensing the opportunity, I asked Trappy whether the cars collecting data for Google Street View might be soon replaced by similar remote-controlled unmanned flight vehicles, but I learned there were issues with legality. Make sure to see their movie in New York as well, where the plane skydives closely to Brooklyn Bridge and some of the countless skyscrapers.