7. Januar 2013

Task Manager with Focus on Usability: dropandforget

Entering a TODO item into a task manager should be as easy as typing a few words and hitting enter. Moving your TODO item to another list should be exactly one mouse-click away. All lists should be shown at once. The experimental task manager “dropandforget” does just that.

There are a lot of task managers available – both commercial and cost-free: see rememberthemilk.com, getontracks.org, toodledo.com, producteev.com, trgtd.com.au, codea-dev.com/gtd, taskcoach.org, wunderlist.com. In my case, there are three requirements for a task manager:

  1. entering a new item: type a few words and hit enter
  2. moving an item: either click once or drag and drop the item
  3. viewing all lists at once

While many of the above mentioned solutions do not meet requirements 1-2 (and furthermore impose a heavy overhead rather than going out of your way), Wunderlist is the closest match. Still, while Wunderlist has an awesomely friendly way for adding new items and moving existing items, it keeps showing these lists separate. The experimental dropandforget task manager in order to close this gap. It satisfies all three requirements above – but not much more than those: it is quite minimalistic. The software behind www.dropandforget.com is open-source and there is a download version for offline use available.