10. Dezember 2012

Secondhand Course Literature in Stockholm

Being sick of expensive course literature in Stockholm? Relief is on the way: Secondhand books can be bought at Campusbutiken of Stockholms Universitet. There is also an online platform kthbok.com which performs a similar duty without taking detours via a reseller.

Buying a book for every course can easily become very expensive. However, after some digging, there is some relief.

First, there is Campusbutiken, a secondhand bookshop. It is located on the campus of Stockholms Universitet (enter here). For example, the Beta Mathematics Handbook at turned out to be roughly 100 SEK cheaper than a new one from Bokus, while showing only minimal signs of use.

Second, there is kthbok.com, an online platform for buying and selling secondhand books. I have not tried this one yet, but it might well be worth a shot. It might be cheaper than Campusbutiken, where the purchases need to cover the costs of running a real bookstore.