22. August 2013

Across Sweden from Kungshamn to Stockholm by Bike: Day 4

Across Sweden with the bike from the west coast to the east coast? I have tried my luck. Here is a report about the fourth day – from Mullhyttan to Torshälla.

Nydkvist & Holm

What’s that? On an abandonded factory site near Fjugesta, I found some technical thingy which looked pretty much like the turbine of a water power plant. However, I am happy to hear any better, more well-founded suggestions. According to Wikipedia, Nydkvist & Holm AB was a company that was later renamed to NOHAB and went bankrupt in 1979.

Architecture fail in Örebro

Usually, I try to focus more on positive aspects in this blog. However, this archictectural fail in Örebro just cannot be neglected. Please have a look at the following two images. Which one is the original image and which one the grayscale version? I did not desaturate the original picture, it pretty accurately depicts what I saw with my eyes – a grayscale landscape near Örebro’s center.

Architecture win in Örebro

Now, I have also to write something positively about Örebro and about architecture. And indeed, Örebro’s castle was a nice sight even in the pouring rain. I am certain, Örebro has even more to offer. But as typically for the whole trip, I did not spend much time sightseeing in the cities.

Raining, raining, raining

It was raining the whole day. Fortunately, I took with me my winter jacket which to my delight proved to be absolutely water-proof. Also, the rain protection for the baggage was quite effective. However, splashing water found its way into the saddle bags. Lesson learned: next time get some water-proof bags to really protect the stuff inside the saddlebags. The rain cover for the saddlebags proved to be useful in another aspect – it was reflective and helped to make me more visible for other traffic participants.

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