20. Januar 2013

Ice on the Baltic Sea

Magnificient ice on the Baltic Sea within Stockholm’s Archipelago, as discovered on a tour 20 kilometers east of Norrtälje.

The different types of ice on the Baltic Sea look and feel quite different than the ice on fresh water. In order to describe the ice, there exists a multitude of nouns and adjectives in Swedish – saltis is a broad description for the ice covering saltwaters. One of the article images shows the typical complexion of ice we encountered during the ice-skating tour.

However, the ice was not the only aspect that made the experience worth remembering. Comparably strong wind painted patterns of snow on the ice, and drove thin clouds of snow over the vast areas of the ice. The wind also made the upwind part of the journey challenging, and made the downwind part a breeze.

Important disclaimer for the web: going on the ice is potentially dangerous and without someone who knows the ice an unjustifiable risk.