36 days ago

Svenska utanför Sverige – hur gör man då?

Man brukar säga att det är mycket lättare att lära sig ett främmande språk när man befinner sig i landet där språket talas än om man befinner sig utomlands. Angående svenska som främmande språk får jag nu ingå kompromisser eftersom jag inte längre bor i Sverige. Kommer jag att glömma bort allt som jag lärt mig? Helst inte.

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77 days ago

Bletchley Park and the rebuilt bombe

A visit to Milton Keynes gave me a brief look into former codebreakers’ life at Bletchley Park during World War II. The exhibition also featured a rebuilt exemplar of the bombe, an electromechanical machine that played a role in breaking the code of the Enigma. I got fascinated for several reasons.

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91 days ago

Hiking in the Sierra Nevada: Boulders, Bears, and Giant Sequoias

It was my first four-day hiking trip in the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada in the Sequoia National Park (California). This is a recount of my experiences and a descriptions of the lessons I learnt while carrying my backpack with food and shelter over segments of the High Sierra Trail.

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116 days ago

Saatchi Gallery: What is this made of?

A friend recently showed me this place. I am posting no more than this: have a look at Saatchi Gallery in London and find out. Guess first what it is. Find out later.

117 days ago

Eastbourne via Beachy Head towards Seven Sisters

Spending a day at the Channel near Eastbourne, escaping to more scenic running routes than London can offer. Wind and rain. The weather forecast calls it “heavy drizzle”. Impressive.

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119 days ago

Lightshow in London

The deserted City of London on Saturday. Almost empty. Brilliant colors and stark contrasts on a unique day of sunshine and rainfall – a few pictures.

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126 days ago

Scotland, Let the Sky Fall

A recount of a hiking trip into the wilderness of Scotland: on ex-hurricanes and their effects, suicidal drivers, famous spots from the literature and the movies, a town nicknamed Lang Toon and on the festival time in Edinburgh.

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142 days ago

Run to work: Review of first month

Time to have a look how my experiment worked out in the first month. Running to work has lived up to my expectations and has never yet failed to lift my spirits. There is room for improvement, but the 14 runs totalling in more than 70 km were worth every kilometer. Here are the few lessons learned.

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144 days ago

Bouldering the Vauxwall in Vauxhall

Finally gotten around to check out Vauxwall, a newly opened bouldering centre in London. We were pleasantly surprised by finding nice bouldering areas in a few railway arches near Vauxhall. Even better, we had the place basically for us – no one else there, what a luxury.

175 days ago

It's a long road: Marathon through Hyde Park

How is it to run a marathon? Having asked me this question often enough, I decided to settle the matter and run laps in Hyde Park until I either give up or finish. No starter fees. Without time limit. Lessons learnt from a long journey.

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183 days ago

Motion Segmentation of RGB-D Videos via Trajectory Clustering

Persistence paid off. The little, remaining work on my Master’s thesis at KTH is finally completed. I can hardly remember touching a subject at university that was as demanding and as satisfying as the research on how to segment moving objects in videos taken by a RGB-D camera. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this mission.

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184 days ago

Bike to work? Run to work.

It’s 5.5 kilometers for me to my workplace in London. I took my running shoes instead of public transport. And I will do this again. The idea is not new, though – and people are already shouting on the web for making running to work tax-deductible. But it’s not tax that matters. It’s trading commuting time against exercise.

193 days ago

No umbrella needed: Riverside impressions of London

Impressions from a riverside walk with a friend. This is “proof” for all my friends who had expressed doubt on the weather in London before I left to live there. Besides, I don’t even have an umbrella.

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222 days ago

Mountain View: a cyclist's point of view

Mountain View in California is a place where cars are the primary means of transport. But I was told that biking is an option, too. So, I tested getting around with a bike. Here is a short review.

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224 days ago

Preview: Motion Segmentation of RGB-D Videos via Trajectory Clustering

Humans are quite good at detecting motion. How about machines? Can computers automatically segment objects in videos? I dedicated my Master thesis to a particular variant of this question. Here are a few videos as a preview.

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239 days ago

No cars for students in Cambridge

Cambridge is a bicycle-friendly city. And as I have learned recently, students at Cambridge University are usually not allowed to keep and use cars.

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244 days ago

Fixing a Shimano EF50-8R bicycle shifter

For some reasons, the front shifter of my bicycle stopped working properly. Time to take a screwdriver and see how the shifter actually works.

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283 days ago

Goodbye, Sweden. Goodbye.

Everything has an end. Such has my student life in Stockholm. The last days give me a chance to sum up my roughly twenty months in Sweden.

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332 days ago

Åland – Ice-skating in Finland

From Sweden over the Baltic Sea to Åland in Finland for an afternoon of ice-skating. Waiting for us were beautiful frozen fjords. How come so few students are interested in this hobby?

334 days ago

Skridskoglädje på Tämnaren

Äntligen var det dags att sätta på sig skridskorna. Tillsammans med klubben gick det på en solig lördag norrut från Stockholm för att åka skridsko på Tämnaren, Upplands största insjö. Den mörka årstiden lyser verkligen upp när isen lagt sig. På riktigt.

347 days ago

Programmer-friendly German keyboard layout on GNU/Linux

German keyboards are usually pretty annoying for programming. Mapping the third-level of the buttons D, F, C, V to {, }, [, ] places the curly braces and brackets at more convenient locations without destroying much of the benefits of a German keyboard.

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378 days ago

Dunedin's Finest View: Harbour Cone

The name says it: Harbour Cone is a cone-shaped hill on the Otago Peninsula in New Zealand. While most tourists pay for a tour to see penguins and albatroses, I opted for the cheap variant using a regular bus and regular hiking boots.

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378 days ago

Among the Clouds – Roys Peak

Just when reaching the summit, a gap in the clouds allowed for a stunning view from Roys Peak in New Zealand: blue lakes, green vegetation, snowy mountains. A report from a moderate hike with an above-the-average return.

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395 days ago

Case study: when average speed matters

This case study shows the effects of acceleration, top speed, deceleration on total travel time on short distances at the example of Transrapid in Shanghai. Bottom line: it is the average speed that matters, not the top speed. Groundbreaking result … no! But it is an illustrative example with concrete numbers that shows why reporting top speeds creates illusions.

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428 days ago

Recursive circle packing with PostScript

Ten lines of PostScript are sufficient to draw a pretty self-similar pattern constructed by packing circles into circles.

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